Virtually Indestructible Homes

Dangerous Statistics

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Hurricane system

Fire proof house Tornado home safety
Hurricanes: Katrina killed 1800 people in 2005, and damaged 200,000 homes with a cost of $100 billion.
Fire: In 2009 362,500 homes were destroyed by fire. These fires killed over 2,500 people, and cost $7.6 billion in damages. Source
Tornados: NWS’s preliminary estimate is that there have been approximately 1,475 tornadoes in the US in 2011. April 2011 is ranked as the most active tornado month on record with 875 tornadoes. There were an estimated 361 fatalities in April 2011 alone. Source
Seismic Events: Several million earthquakes occur in the world each year. Source
Termites: It is said that 1 in 30 homes are currently infected with termites.

Earthquake rubble

termite proof house Flood proof house