Virtually Indestructible Homes

Standard Construction

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This information has been provided to help you understand why Perfect Wall builds the strongest home available. We are simply informing you of the dangers of standard home construction.

Homes constructed with wood can become very weak over time due to a lot of things. Just the weight of the home alone can stress the walls causing them to sag, pulling out nails, and exposing the interior walls to the elements of nature. Wood framing absorbs moisture that causes the wood to rot and bow over time. This in turn weakens your home during severe weather conditions. Lets face it, we live in increasingly dangerous times with seemingly more and more natural disasters occurring every year. We need homes that are able to withstand Mother Nature's worst days.

Common issues with wood construction:
Life Span
Rotted Wood
Damaged Wiring
Fire Damage
Damaged Wood Truss

Stilt homes on the market today essentially only help to keep your home above water. They might survive a storm surge or two, but behind every surge is a force to be reckoned with. What about hurricanes, tornados, termites, seismic events, and fire? You need a home that can withstand the harshest elements of nature time after time.

At Perfect Wall we have answered all of these questions and more. Our patent pending foundation system replaces wood and steel pilings at a huge cost savings. Not to mention strength and resistance to natures wrath. We are dedicated to building homes that will stand the test of time, and the forces of nature. These homes are tested to extremes to ensure the safety of humanity.