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Virtually Indestructible:



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Virtually Indestructible!

     Based upon the multiple disasters in the state of Florida, the Perfect Wall Corporation has undertaken the task of eliminating the devastating damage done to structures as a result of hurricane force winds.

     Within six weeks of the disaster, PWI went into Research and Design to develop a structure that could withstand hurricane force winds. We now know that we have found the answer. Not only can our structure be built very close to conventional construction cost, it is also virtually indestructible.

     The Trailer industry was the most affected by these hurricane force winds. PWI has tested the structure shown to 376 miles per hour wind loading and 17,000 pounds of shear. As the photographs show, we again tested the structure by exerting the maximum amount of stress on the whole length of the framework.    

     The portable building is lowered and welded permanently to the foundation to provide the strongest, safest transportable home ever invented.

Perfect Wall, Inc.


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