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How Stilt Homes Work:

Foundation: Patented innovative design of welded steel and concrete. Varies upon the size of the building and soil conditions onsite. Click the foundation link above for more information.


Floor Panels: There are two types of floor panels. One spans 16ft and the other spans 32ft. Our Super floor has been tested in house to 50,000 pounds at 40ft clear span. The deflection in the 16 gauge steel members is isolated completely by our patented products.


Wall Panels: Many configurations of prefabricated wall panels can be shipped to the location and placed on the floor panels, then welded together. These walls are extremely strong, 17,000 shear, and 384 mph wind loading.


Wiring & Insulation: After the frame of the house is complete wiring is ran through the walls, followed by fire proof cellulose spray insulation made from recycled paper. The insulation also protects wiring from temperature, moisture, and pest.


Roof Panels: The roof panels meet the same codes as our wall panels. They are welded to the entire structure. The house becomes one welded unit, ready for 300 mph wind.


Finishing: Double pane, shatter resistant, storm windows are safe and energy efficient.




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