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To Design, Engineer and Build the Strongest, Safest Structure Ever Invented

   Our wall panels are designed and built utilizing patented components which are welded together. The 8�x 8� panel wall has been tested to 500 pounds wind loading per square foot. We have recently engineered a �super� floor which spans 40 feet and has been tested to 3X the load required by code and yet is one tenth the weight of structural steel.

   Our patent pending building method utilizes our panel wall system in which the walls are imbedded into the concrete as the foundation is poured. Our wall panels have been tested to withstand 376 miles per hour of wind and 17,000 pounds of shear force. Our buildings provide the homeowner an indestructible framework of uncompromising strength. Our buildings and homes will withstand hurricanes and will saves lives.

   We have perfected an elevated home that is welded onto piers which are imbedded in concrete. The elevated framework, including roof trusses are welded together as a single unit which guarantees the strongest house ever designed and engineered using light gauge metal framing. Our homes meet or exceed all national building codes and have been approved by a professional structural engineer.

   Our wall panels can be used to build many types of structures including transportable emergency shelters, storage buildings, hunting or fishing huts and permanent structures including manufacturing buildings, commercial construction and residential construction.  Any of these permanent structures provide the occupant with a building that will save their life in the event of a tornado, hurricane, flood, or fire.


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